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Obinna Finally Comes Clean On Why He Opted To Quit His Job At Kiss FM

Oga Obinna has shed light on the reasons behind his exit from Kiss 100.

In a heartfelt disclosure, the media personality, YouTuber, and comedian recounted the numerous challenges and personal hardships he faced, alongside his unrelenting efforts to uplift the radio station.

Obinna shared that he faced significant resistance in his attempts to collaborate with Chito, aiming to propel Kiss 100 to the top of Kenya’s radio rankings.

Despite his dedication, including many sleepless nights to deliver top-quality content, he felt his hard work went largely unnoticed and unappreciated.

“I was dealing with a lot, including a very painful separation with my baby mama that played out publicly. I had no one to lean on. She was speaking out, and I was reacting. Amidst all this, I showed up to work every day.

“If you watch my interviews in dark shades, no one knew why my eyes were red. I’d film my Kulacooler show until 2 or 3 am, get home, sleep for an hour, and head back to Kiss,” Obinna explained.

The final straw came when his contract was due for renewal. Despite his unwavering commitment, the station informed him there were no funds available for a salary increase, even though a colleague had received a raise.

“When my contract ended, I wanted to discuss my salary. What really upset me was that no one asked, ‘How much are you expecting?’ I wasn’t asking for much, just something reasonable. They simply said, ‘We don’t have it.’ Later, I discovered that a colleague had received a raise,” Obinna revealed.

Obinna expressed his anger over two key issues: the denial of his request to work with Chito and the station’s failure to revisit his contract with the possibility of a pay increase, which had been promised to him.

Feeling undervalued and unsupported, he ultimately decided to leave Kiss 100.

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