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Nyako Pilot Quits TikTok Amid Struggle To Regain Fame After Series Of Scandals

In a candid revelation, one of Kenya’s most controversial TikTok personalities, Nyako Pilot, has shared her ongoing struggle to regain her former glory on the platform.

The influencer, known for her vibrant presence and commanding following, has seen a significant dip in her popularity since private videos of her were leaked to the public.

The scandal has undoubtedly tarnished Nyako’s reputation, compounding her challenges as she faces stiff competition from rising stars like Pastor Kanyari, Chofri, and the celebrated singer Akothee.

Once hailed as the “President of TikTok,” Nyako now finds her live sessions drawing significantly fewer viewers, with attendance dropping to around 500 people and a noticeable decline in the gifts and tips she receives.

Previously, she could earn over Ksh100,000 from a single live session, but now her earnings have plummeted.

In what she described as her “last message” to Kenyans, Nyako disclosed that she has spent over ÂŁ40,000 (approximately Ksh. 5.6 million) on gifting others within the TikTok community.

Highlighting her contributions to society, she expressed a sense of exhaustion and announced her decision to take a brief hiatus from TikTok.

“I have given back to the society. I have now expired, and it is time for me to take a break,” Nyako stated.

She plans to take a one-week break and, upon her return, will focus on sharing music with the few loyal followers who continue to support her.

This revelation marks a significant chapter in Nyako’s journey, shedding light on the impact of online controversies and the volatile nature of social media fame.

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