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Njugush: I Spent Ksh8 Million To Buy My 36-Seater Matatu

Popular comedian Timothy Kimani, famously known as Njugush, made waves in the transportation industry just a month ago with the launch of his own matatu, christened after his eldest son, Tugi.

On April 13, Njugush proudly unveiled the 36-seater matatu, boasting a lavish interior, as he took to the driver’s seat for its inaugural journey.

In a recent interview, Njugush expressed unequivocal confidence in his decision to venture into the matatu business, citing inspiration from a transformative training he attended recently.

“The greatest inspiration came from a training I attended a few months ago. They were talking about how we could convert liabilities into business, and because I had the idea of selling my car, it was the right decision,” Njugush shared.

Operating under the esteemed Super Metro Sacco, Njugush’s new vehicle serves the Rongai route, catering to commuters with style and comfort.

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey, Njugush revealed his belief in the potential for success in any endeavor, drawing inspiration from individuals who started as makangas and rose to become drivers.

Motivated by the management convenience provided by Saccos, Njugush entrusted the day-to-day operations of his matatu to the capable hands of the Sacco, alleviating the burden of personal management.

The decision to fund his matatu purchase by parting ways with his Toyota Prado TX was influenced by close friend Abel Mutua, who humorously dubbed the car a “wardrobe.” The comedian’s well-maintained 2014 model, replete with a sunroof and leather seats, found a new owner after being listed for sale.

Revealing the substantial investment behind his venture, Njugush disclosed a total expenditure exceeding Ksh8 million, covering the acquisition and customization of the matatu.

A month into its operation, Njugush expressed satisfaction with the matatu’s performance, noting positive feedback from customers and meeting all operational expenses while turning a profit.

Additionally, the matatu’s popularity extends beyond daily commuting, being hired for events outside Nairobi on weekends.

Looking ahead, Njugush hinted at plans for expansion, expressing his desire to add more vehicles to his fleet in the near future, a testament to his entrepreneurial vision and ambition in the transportation sector.

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