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Ngesh Comes Clean On Being A Lesbian 

Ngesh was said to be taking advantage of her popularity to finger a plethora of nunus.

The rapper, whose real name is Mary Wangeci, was accused of being a lesbian because of her tomboy appearance.

However, Ngesh strongly denied that she is a member of the LGBTQ community while speaking during an interview with Vincent Mboya.

The fast-rising rapper told Mboya that she does not even know what the letters LGBTQ stand for.

““Mimi siwezi kuwa na nini kama hizo. Mimi ata sijui maana ya herufi hizo,” Ngesh said.

The ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ hit maker also made it clear that no woman has taken the step of seducing her with the intention of dating, contrary to the rumors that have been doing rounds on social media.

Ever since she rose to fame, there have been rumors that Ngesh might be a ‘grinder’ based on her style of clothing and appearance.

In an interview with Mboya, Ngesh also revealed that she is currently in a relationship with a man who lives in their home, Naivasha.

“Mimi niko na mtu. Nadate. Ako Naivasha,” Ngesh said.

Ngesh is a member of the music group Spider Clan which became famous last month after their song ‘Kaveve Kazoze’ went viral.

The Spider Clan group has four band members which are; Ngesh, Banguz, Nguzu, and Mosray.

Ngesh, Mguzu, and Mosray are siblings and last month they talked about musical talents in their DNA.

They are a family of musicians according to the information they gave to KTN.

“Ni kitu hamjui, huyu ni siz yangu na mi ni bro,” Mguzu said.

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