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“Natamani Kuzalia Diamond” – Zuchu Expresses Desire for A Child But On Condition 

Zuhura Othman Soud, popularly known as Zuchu, has revealed her desire to have a child with her boss and celebrated singer, Diamond Platnumz.

However, she has stipulated a key condition before this can happen: she wants their relationship, which has lasted about two years, to be taken to the next level first.

Zuchu hinted at her condition through a heartfelt message she posted on her Instagram stories while celebrating Diamond Platnumz on Father’s Day.

In her post, she lauded Diamond Platnumz for his dedication as a father, expressing her admiration for how he has always been a good dad to his children.

“HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MY best friend wallahi You are the best Daddy. Seeing you with your kids makes me want one with you myself 😂 Ila ndio ivo hujatia Ubani sekhee @diamondplatnumz (but you have not added perfume @diamondplatnumz),” Zuchu wrote, suggesting that Diamond needs to formalize their relationship first.


This public revelation is not the first time Zuchu has urged Diamond Platnumz to advance their relationship.

Months ago, during a performance at the Pangani Kunono event held on April 16th 2024, Zuchu boldly asked Diamond whether he intended to marry her or if he was merely using her.

While performing their hit collaboration “Watasubiri,” the duo altered some of the lyrics.

Diamond Platnumz initiated the change, asking Zuchu if she would bear his child.

“Ati unamipenda mi, mmh, unanitaka pia, mmh, unaniamini, na utanizalia?” he sang. Zuchu responded, “Unanipenda mimi, unanitaka piaaa…Unanioa lini? Ama unanitumia?”

Encouraging the crowd to support her call for marriage, Zuchu urged the attendees to chant for Diamond Platnumz to marry her, which they enthusiastically did.

Zuchu’s recent posts and public statements underscore her wish for a deeper commitment from Diamond Platnumz, highlighting her desire to build a family with him.

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