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Nameless Recounts How He Survived Accident That Claimed Esir’s Life

“I knew I was the one who is going to die, I shikiliad my life like never before,” Nameless recounted.

The accident that claimed Esir’s life occurred on March 16, 2003 along Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

Nameles and Esir were travelling on the same car on the fateful day as they headed back to Nairobi after performing at Afraha Stadium in Nakuru.

Nameless has once again opened up about the unfortunate incident in a Show with Oga Obinna

According to him, at the time of the accident he was sitting in the middle of the back seat which is rare of him.

“I was sitting in the middle. I keep saying  I don’t know how that happened because normally I am the one who sits at the front seat because of my height but Esir had asked me to sit me behind because he wanted to talk with me as we were going back, he was ‘Monski si ucome tukae hapa we need to talk, yesterday we did something,” the father of three narrated.

Esir left the car to ease himself and that is how Nameless was positioned in the middle seat. When the car started rolling he strongly held on to the bars of the car seats, leaving him with a permanent dislocation on the collarbone.

“Then I moved behind, when I moved behind, he had gone to the looI had now to move in the center its rare normally I don’t sit in the middle, I either sit on[left or right]. When the car started rolling in my mind I knew that I am the one who will die you know I am the only who is at the center (no seat belt) so I shikiliad my life like never before. Nilishika hizo heads of the chairs very strongly, that’s how I got dislocated mpaka sahi its still dislocated its because of that fear of holding on to life, I was like how I am going to die..I was like no no no but in my mind everyone else was going to be fine,” he said.

Nameless found out that Esir did not make it while in the hospital. His death however hit him while he was on his way back to Nairobi after hearing the news on radio.



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