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My marriage to DJ Bonez is still an experiment – Kamene Goro

Popular media personality Kamene Goro has shared heartfelt insights about her one-year marriage to DJ Bonez in a candid discussion on her YouTube channel.

The NRG Radio presenter opened up about the dynamics of her relationship, revealing that their bond has only grown stronger over time.

“Now I’ve been married for like a year. I thought it would feel different, but not really. It’s just like some long-drawn dating,” Kamene explained.

“We don’t stop dating each other, and we’ve become friends, which is something you need to look out for.”

Kamene emphasized the importance of maintaining a sense of friendship and continuous courtship in a marriage.

She noted that this has been a key aspect of her relationship with DJ Bonez, helping them build a deep, lasting connection.

Offering advice to her fans, Kamene highlighted the significance of being open to unexpected connections and valuing friendship in romantic relationships.

“Don’t be falling for these ninjas you meet out here… That guy you put in the friend zone is probably gonna be the person you spend the rest of your life with. I’m just saying,” she advised.

Acknowledging that she is still navigating the early stages of her marriage, Kamene expressed a sense of curiosity and openness towards the journey ahead, stating that her marriage to DJ Bonez is still an experiment.

“But I am still in the experimental phase, so we are gonna walk through that stage one day at a time,” she said.

Kamene Goro and DJ Bonez tied the knot in a low-key white wedding on April 20, 2023.

Despite the initial excitement of marriage, Kamene’s reflections underscore the importance of friendship, continuous dating, and openness to the evolving nature of relationships.

Her candid revelations offer a refreshing perspective on marriage, reminding us that the journey is as significant as the destination, and that maintaining a sense of friendship and connection is key to a lasting union.

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