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Mustafa’s Mother Treated For Free At Cancer Specialist Center In Nairobi

Colonel Mustafa’s mother needed another Ksh2 million for her cancer treatment but CCK stepped in to help.

A while back, Mustafa said he needed to raise Ksh1.5 million to Ksh2 million extra to help his mother to satisfaction and end his woes.

“We have a remaining amount, let’s say we get around 1 million or maybe 2 million, specifically let me say 1.5 million. If we can get that 1.5 million, everything will be fine,” Mustapha said.

The interview conducted by Mustapha on The Gold Mine Show quickly gained traction online, and fans did not hold back their displeasure with his perceived sense of entitlement and many feel he’s taking advantage.

Netizens took to social media to express their anger and disappointment towards the veteran artiste, likening him to the infamous Omosh of Tahidi High, who after receiving help, kept on asking for more and more.

However, Mustafa got much needed help from HCG CCK Cancer Centre where his mother was treated for free.

The rapper and his mother held a press conference with the facility’s officials after the treatment.




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