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“Mr. President, We’ll Visit You At 11 Am” Eric Omondi Notifies Ruto Of State House Visit 

Comedian and activist Eric Omondi is gearing up for a significant visit to State House this week, issuing a bold call to President William Ruto for a sweeping overhaul of the government.

In a striking video shared on July 8, 2024, Omondi wore a white gown and carried a Kenyan flag, with a bird perched on his shoulder, as he made a passionate plea for governmental reform.

“Mr. President, I have been told that you are a very prayerful man. This is the word of the Lord for you,” Omondi began, directly addressing President Ruto.

He demanded immediate actions to restore public faith in the government, calling for the dismissal of key officials.

“Please fire all Cabinet Secretaries before Thursday. Please fire all Permanent Secretaries. Please fire all Parastatal heads,” he urged, emphasizing the deep disillusionment Kenyans feel towards their current leaders.

Omondi announced a peaceful visit to State House planned for Thursday at 11 am.

“Mr. President, we will visit you at State House on Thursday at 11 am. We will come in peace dressed in white and bearing the flag,” he stated.

This visit aims to initiate a direct and honest conversation with the President, away from the screens of Twitter and TV.

Detailing his delegation, Omondi said, “I will be accompanied by 100 women. Just mama mbogas. I will be accompanied by 100 men dressed in white. Just bodaboda guys. I will be accompanied by 100 youths dressed in white.”

The father of two also called for a non-violent approach during their visit.

“Mr. President, please ask and request the police to put down their guns. Mr. President, we need to talk. Not on Twitter. Not on TV,” he emphasized, highlighting the need for a peaceful and constructive dialogue.

Omondi’s statement comes just days after Gen Zs organized a memorial service in Uhuru Park for fellow youths who died in recent protests.

It also follows President Ruto’s recent engagement with the youth on X, an attempt to find common ground amidst rising tensions.

Eric Omondi has been at the forefront of fighting for the rights of Kenyan youths, notably participating in demonstrations against the Finance Bill.

His planned visit to State House marks another significant step in his activism, as he continues to push for meaningful change in Kenya.

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