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MP Oscar Sudi Blames Rift Valley Politicians for Looting of His Club Timber XO

In a stunning turn of events, Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has accused politicians from the Rift Valley region of masterminding the recent looting and vandalism of his newly launched Timber XO club in Eldoret.

The club, which was opened just a few weeks ago with several MPs in attendance, was targeted by a group of angry youth who smashed the gate, glass walls, windows, and doors, and stole valuable property.

Speaking on Wednesday, Sudi condemned the incident, saying that he has never planned to destroy anyone’s property and has always worked to help those in need.

“I have never in my life planned to destroy people’s property. My work has always been helping people who don’t have parents, building churches, and other things. We know people who organized it and the leaders are from home,” he said.

Sudi’s claims have sparked shockwaves in the community, with many questioning what motivated the vandalism and who was responsible for organizing it. The incident was captured on video and photos were circulated on social media showing people carrying bottles of expensive liquor from the club.

The Timber XO club is a popular entertainment spot in Eldoret, and its destruction has sent shockwaves through the community.

Sudi has suspended all his planned activities, including charity events and fundraising, until further notice.

The incident is seen as a major setback for Sudi, who had invested heavily in the club and had high hopes for its success.

The club was meant to be a hub for entertainment and community engagement, but its destruction has left many wondering if it will ever recover.

The Rift Valley region has a history of political tensions and violence, and Sudi’s accusations have raised concerns about the motives behind the vandalism.

The authorities are still investigating the incident and have yet to make any arrests.

As the situation continues to unfold, many are left wondering what led to the destruction of Sudi’s club and what will happen next.

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