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“Mimi Ndio Nilirudisha Nyashinski Wenu Kwa Game” KRG Claims As He Further Scolds Otile

KRG The Don has claimed that he is responsible for reviving the Kenyan music industry.

According to him, when he entered the industry 10 years ago, there were only three artists namely Khaligraph Jones, Nai Boi and Timmy Tdat

“Mimi ndio nimemake hawa wasanii wenu wote. Hakuna msanii ako hii nchi sijawahiwork na yeye. Wasiwadanganye. Unajua ngoma inaitwa now you know ya Nyashinski? Mimi ndio niliproduce hio ngoma. Mimi ndio nilirudisha Nyashinski wenu kwa game,” he said.

He added that he is usually quiet but knows a lot of things and further demanded that he should be respected

“Hawa wengine wote ni mimi nimejenga hakuna msanii ako hii nchi sijwahirecordia ngoma for free hata producers nimewabuyia machines,” KRG said.

He was speaking at JKIA after arriving in Kenya from Tanzania.

The popular dancehall musician and businessman  further criticized Otile Brown for claiming that Kenya has not produced any international artists.

KRG maintained that it was foolish for Otile to make such remarks considering that he himself is an artist who is doing well.

He added that Kenyan music is also being listened to by Kenyans who are in foreign countries.

“Imagine somebody who is in Kenya speaking such nonsense. Some with brains and a fat head speaking such a thing on a national television. If you are Otile’s fan you should start hating yourself now. Imagine we have produced so many athletes and then Kipchoge comes to say there is no international artist from Kenya, that is foolish or Kenya Airways says  there is no international airline from Kenya and their flights go up to New York,” he said.

“The songs we sing here, Kenyans in US listen to them. Do they listen them from your mother’s house?” the dancehall singer posed.

KRG added that Otile should not be given chance to speak in public at all because he has no knowledge.

“Its just stupidity of people whose minds are filled with poverty mentality that has blinded them from seeing the future. You heads are colonised that you can’t accept yourself. You feel international  is too high,”KRG said.

During an interview while in Tanzania, KRG roasted Otile Brown saying that he was a young and lacked a wife.

He urged him to apologize to the people who saw him get famous.

“Sipendi mtu wa kona kona. Apunguze uswahili ndipo akae mjini. Kuwa rafiki yangu mpaka unyooke. Kama ulikosa, rudi kwa wale watu nilikutambulisha uwambie waniambie,” KRG said.




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