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Milly Chebby Explains Why She Axed Jackie Matubia From Her Life 

Milly Chebby and Jackie Matubia used to be BFFs until they had an ugly fallout and became bitter enemies.

Netizens only noticed all was not well between Milly and Jackie after the latter failed to attend the former’s traditional wedding.

Jackie Matubia was conspicuously missing at Milly Chebby and Terence Creative’s traditional wedding in Eldoret on October 21, 2023.

“You didn’t go to your best friend’s wedding?” A fan asked Jackie on social media.

“Can’t you see me here? Why ask when there’s already an answer?” She answered.

“Why are you defending yourself?” Another fan asked.

“Why should I defend myself when people have already said I have a bad heart and no husband?” Jackie Matubia.

Weeks after the traditional wedding, observed that Jackie and Milly Chebby unfollowed each other.

Reacting to people talking about her unfollowing Jackie, Milly explained that friends parting ways is common and explained that it’s called seasons.

“Ghaaaii mko serious ndio naskia na nyinyi. Wacha I go confirm. It’s called seasons of life very normal. It is well,” Milly Chebby wrote.


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