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Local Journalists Accuse Larry Madowo Of Betraying Them During Thursday’s Protests 

CNN Africa correspondent Larry Madowo found himself in a heated confrontation with local journalists on Thursday, June 28, 2024, during the ongoing anti-Finance Bill protests.

The journalists accused Madowo of selling them out to the police, leading to their harassment and beating by law enforcement officers.

The incident reportedly occurred when a group of local journalists was approached by the police.

According to the journalists, the officers asked Madowo if he was part of their group, and he allegedly denied any association with them.

“Guys, Larry ametuuza kwa makarau,” one journalist shouted as Madowo and his CNN team approached, accusing him of betrayal.

Another journalist, visibly distressed, said, “Larry, whatever you did isn’t good. I have been beaten because of you.”

Madowo defended his actions, stating that he had warned the journalists to move back when the police approached, but they ignored his advice.

“Nimewaambia mara ngapi musonge nyuma?” Madowo told the grumbling journalists, implying that he had repeatedly asked them to retreat for their safety.

Despite his explanation, the local journalists remained irate.

“Ni sawa tu Larry, haina shida. Unauza majournalists wenzako. Larry hujafanya poa,” one journalist shouted, expressing his disappointment and accusing Madowo of betraying his fellow journalists.

“Larry Madowo, mimi napigwa na polisi ananidunga na fimbo ju umeniuza, it is not fair, it’s not fair kabisa,” another journalist lamented, recounting the physical abuse he endured as a result of the alleged betrayal.

The confrontation highlights the tense and dangerous environment for journalists covering the protests against the Finance Bill, which have been marked by heavy police presence and clashes between protesters and law enforcement.

As the protests continue, the incident raises concerns about the safety and solidarity of journalists on the ground.


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