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“Achana Na Mimi” Lindah Oguttu Angry After Being Dragged In Ex-Boyfriend’s 12 Million Scandal

Lindah Oguttu, a former news anchor for NTV and KTN, is angry after being mentioned in a case involving her baby daddy.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has alleged that a man named Dennis Mambo has been engaging in dishonest practices by overcharging clients and conning them on multiple occasions.

Nyakundi took to his social media platform Twitter where he has a huge following, to make the accusations and mentioned former NTV and KTN news presenter Lindah Oguttu, titling the case as “Lindah Oguttu’s baby daddy exposed in another scandal.”

In response to his tweet, Lindah, seemingly disappointed, has criticized blogger Cyprian Nyakundi, accusing him of exploiting her name for attention-seeking purposes.

Lindah Oguttu asserts that this is not the first instance where Nyakundi has mentioned her in cases involving the father of her child.

“I want to clarify that the man in question has a name, as stated on his birth certificate. I kindly request that you refrain from continually mentioning my name in these cases. The individual in question is not simply ‘Lindah Oguttu’s baby daddy’; he has his own identity,” Lindah Oguttu tweeted.

lindah oguttu vs nyakundi

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