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KRG The Don Urges Gen Z To Choose Diplomacy Over Protests

Dancehall artist KRG The Don has made a public appeal to Kenyans, advising them to use their intellect rather than physical force when addressing grievances.

In a recent statement, KRG The Don called on citizens to avoid city protests, suggesting instead a more strategic approach.

KRG The Don proposed that Kenyans select a small group of representatives to present their concerns directly to their local Members of Parliament (MPs), who can then relay the issues to the President. He emphasized the importance of peaceful dialogue over violent demonstrations.

“Which one works for you? Looking for 10 or 20 people to go to your Member of Parliament and talk to him, then the Member of Parliament should call the President,” KRG The Don said.

“As for the town to fight with the police, think about it. At the end of the day, noise doesn’t change anything; violence does not change anything.”

The artist particularly addressed the younger generation, known as Gen Z, encouraging them to utilize peaceful methods for conflict resolution.

He noted that while they possess a wealth of information, they often lack the wisdom to apply it effectively.

“The day you grow old you will understand,” he added.

KRG The Don shared his personal stance on protests, choosing to stay away from them as he believes they result in unnecessary confrontation with the police, leading to tear gas exposure and potential injuries.

“There is a better way to address our leaders diplomatically, and I’m sure they will listen more when protesting in the city because you will only meet the police and tear gas and not the leaders you want to address,” he explained.

His comments come at a time when the nation is experiencing heightened tensions and frequent protests.

KRG The Don has openly supported the controversial Finance Bill 2024.


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