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Jalang’o Gives Eli And Litiema Jobs Again After They Stole From Him A Year Ago

Jalang’o claims the amount lost was more than Ksh1 million that was stolen by Eli and Litiema.

MP Jalang’o has chosen to forgive and reinstate his former casual workers, Eli Mundu Khumundu and Morrison Litiema, over a year after they committed theft and went into hiding.

The saga began on June 4, 2022, when Jalang’o accused Eli and Morrison of stealing money from his car while they were washing it at his home.

He even offered a substantial reward of Ksh100,000 to anyone who could help locate them. This incident left many shocked and disappointed, as the duo had previously expressed unwavering loyalty to their boss, insisting they would never steal from him, even when significant amounts of cash were left unattended.

In a recent video posted on his YouTube channel, Jalang’o shared his decision to mend fences with Eli and welcome him back to work at his home in Nairobi. Eli, visibly moved by this gesture, responded with gratitude, expressing his readiness to return and make amends.

Eli shed light on the events leading up to the fateful day of the theft. He explained that it was Litiema who discovered a significant sum of money in Jalang’o’s BMW and alerted him.

Initially, Eli dismissed it as a normal occurrence and urged Litiema to focus on their cleaning task. However, a turn of events led to their decision to abscond with the money.

Eli recounted that while he briefly left to fetch water, he returned to find the gate open and Litiema missing. Their images had already been circulated online as wanted individuals, which heightened their fear of the public taking the law into their own hands.

Eventually, Eli caught up with Litiema, and they agreed to split the loot equally, with each receiving Ksh500,000.

Jalang'o Reveals His Backup Plan In Case Langata Voters Fail To Elect Him As Their MPJalang’o later revealed that the amount lost was more than Ksh1 million, to which Eli expressed his unawareness, insisting they had only shared Ksh500,000. Eli disclosed that he had returned the money, as his conscience could not allow him to keep it.

Eli’s journey after the theft took him to his rural home in Bungoma, where he embarked on a mission to make amends. He narrated how he had to bribe a driver and others who recognized him due to the online posts. He deeply regretted his actions and reached out to Jalang’o for forgiveness, which has been granted.

During their conversation, Jalang’o raised concerns about the possibility of another theft occurring. Eli assured him that he had turned over a new leaf and emphasized that the previous incident was not a publicity stunt but a genuine mistake influenced by negative forces.

Eli attributed his misdeed to the influence of the Devil, revealing that he had sought forgiveness in numerous churches, as it was his first theft since childhood.

He acknowledged the consequences, including losing fans on social media and having contacts deleted.


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