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“I’ll Never Forgive Myself For Getting Back With Harmonize After He Sent My Daughter Photos Of His Manhood” – Kajala 

In a heart-wrenching confession, Tanzanian actress Fridah Kajala has revealed a shocking incident involving her ex-fiancé, Harmonize, and her daughter Paula.

The star’s candid revelation has left fans reeling, as she detailed the disturbing moment Harmonize sent Paul photos of his mjulus while seducing her.

“I went back to a man who dared to show his nakedness to my daughter. Because even when I remember that day we were inside, we were sleeping, my daughter and I. That day, I couldn’t sleep, and Paula couldn’t sleep either,” Kajala said.

“I had to hold her all night while she lay on my lap because she didn’t understand what was happening. When I remember that day, I realise I valued love more than my child. And this is something I can never forgive myself for. Never!”

Kajala, who ended her relationship with Harmonize in April 2021 after he sent Paula his nudes, broke her silence on the incident during an episode of her reality show “Behind the Gram”.

The actress expressed deep regret and sorrow over her decision to rekindle the romance with Harmonize, despite knowing what he had done.

Kajala and Harmonize got back together in August 2022 following their first breakup. The two broke up again in December 2022.

Their reunion in August 2022 sparked widespread outrage and criticism towards Kajala for allowing Harmonize back into their lives after such a heinous act.

“I remember Paula herself is very hurt by it,” Kajala said in a previous interview with Zamaradi TV.

“She sometimes sits and tells me, ‘Mom, this thing hurts me.’ I am an adult and can ignore it, but for her, seeing those comments hurts twice as much. So, I feel bad for her.”

Fridah has previously denied allegations that Harmonize had sexual relations with both her and Paula, stating that they were false and caused immense pain to herself and her daughter.

“This is something that hurts Paula deeply because it is not true and it never happened,” she said. “It hurts her so much.”

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