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“I Want To Become The Next Socialite” Brian Chira Reveals

TikToker Brian Chira is aiming at replacing renown socialites like Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe among others.

The popular TikToker went viral after appearing on TV drunk as a witness to an accident.

Speaking to Oga Obinna, Chira said that after the accident, he decided make videos so that he can continue being in the limelight.

“I became famous after appearing on TV as a drunken witness to an accident and later when I was trending I started doing that to show them that this is the guy you saw on TV. From there, I have been making several videos, in English because people tell me I am fluent in English. I used to do Kikuyu comedy but it didn’t have a big reception,” he said.

According to him, being in the limelight has always been his dream and he seized the opportunity when it came knocking, adding that  he wants to be the next socialite.

Chira further added that he took the opportunity wholeheartedly because he also had to make money to pay for his school fees as well as support two of his cousins aged 14 and 9.

“I was wanted to be in the limelight, when this opportunity presented itself  I had to go with it. That’s why I had to do a video daily. I had to post like in a day three videos, one would go viral, two wouldn’t but they would go viral after two weeks,” the 22-year old said.

“Other TikTokers are making money out of TikTok, they are getting brand endorsements and now I am here I have this opportunity, I have no school fees, no money to fend for my cousins so I saw TikTok as an opportunity to grow and become a household name in Kenya, to be come the next socialite because that’s what I wanna be,” he added.


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