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“I Have Never Ever Supported Ruto, I Knew His True Colors Since 2007” – Vera Sidika 

Vera Sidika has made it clear that she has never ever supported president William Ruto following accusations that she is not loud enough in condemning the government amidst ongoing anti-Finance Bill protests.

In a series of impassioned social media posts, the voluptuous socialite declared her steadfast opposition to Ruto, emphasizing that her disapproval dates back to 1989, the year she was born.

“People saying they haven’t seen me rejecting the finance bill. Yet everyday I’m here posting about rejecting. I’ve been rejecting since 1989 when I was born gosh. I’m so anti Ruto from day one. I saw all this coming. I argued with my dad during elections. Whole family was team baba except him. We wanted to eat him alive,” Vera Sidika wrote.


Sidika also shared personal anecdotes of conflicts with friends and family over political allegiances, stating that even her ex-boyfriend supported Ruto while she stood firmly against him.

She expressed a sense of vindication now that many of Ruto’s former supporters are beginning to regret their decision.

“Even my ex was supporting while I was against. Now they are seeing sense in everything I told them. If there’s anyone who’s never supported this government it’s me. I’m so anti government. I’m just happy people are finally seeing his true colors. Everyone that voted for him is now regretting! This one even campaigned front line,” she added.


The socialite revealed that her aversion to Ruto was solidified during the 2007 post-election violence.

She concluded with a message of unity against what she describes as a common enemy – Ruto.

“I have never ever supported anything from this government. Just because I’m not loud and all kwa streets doesn’t mean I support him. Nah.

“Since 2007 post election violence, that’s when I knew who he was and nobody could convince me otherwise.

“When I saw people voting for him, even celebs campaigning for him, I felt sorry for them. I argued with many. I was so angry, explained everything. They thought I was crazy. Now they’re all seeing his true colors.

“But I’m happy they are seeing it to believe it. It’s never too late. We all have a common enemy now,” Vera wrote.


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