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“I Hate You” Pritty Vishy Explains Why She Will Never Forgive Her Biological Father 

In a scathing social media post, Pritty Vishy has lashed out at her biological father, accusing him of abandoning her and her family.

The star took to Instagram to express her feelings on Father’s Day, saying she was still reeling from the pain caused by her father’s departure from her life.

“You didn’t care,” she wrote. “You went to another family and became their hero, their love, friend, and family. You forgot how you made us feel. You never protected us, Ken and me. You never cared for us, not even for a second. You became Mum’s biggest mistake. I call you a sperm donor because that’s who you are. I hate you.”

Vishy also used the opportunity to caution her future partner, urging him to be present for his children.

“To my future man, don’t be afraid to tell me that you have kids. If they went with their mum, please don’t forget to be present. Even if you have nothing to give them, just be present for them. Don’t be a deadbeat MF,” she wrote.

But one concerned netizen urged Vishy to forgive her father instead of airing their family’s private matters on social media.

“You don’t know what happened between your parents, and that should be their headache. No need to hate your dad; a parent is a parent, no matter what. Jesus taught us about forgiveness. Just forgive him, even if you don’t want to talk to him. We all make mistakes, and God keeps forgiving us. Fix your family issues instead of posting them here,” the netizen wrote.

Vishy was quick to respond to the criticism, dismissing the idea that she should forgive her father without addressing the pain he caused her.

“Just to put it straight, I tried being in my dad’s life, and he pushed me away,” she said. “Secondly, I am not Jesus. Thirdly, I know the whole story from both sides, so don’t argue with me. Is it your story? Was he your dad? Did I ask anyone to help me? That’s not my family issue; that’s why I post it because he is not my family. He has his own family. So don’t bring your stupid arguments here, pugaa.”

The drama has left fans divided, with some praising Vishy for speaking out about her pain and others urging her to forgive her father.

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