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“I Am Fred Omondi’s wife. We Have A Child Together”  Woman Demands Recognition From Late Comedian’s Family 

A woman claiming to be the wife of the late Fred Omondi shocked mourners when she arrived at his rural home ahead of his burial, demanding recognition.

The revelation has left fans bewildered, as Omondi, a beloved public figure, had never mentioned her publicly.

In an interview with local media, the woman, who did not disclose her name, stated that she is Fred Omondi’s wife and the mother of his two-year-old daughter, Kyla Adhiambo Omondi.

Omondi had previously mentioned having a daughter he adored, but it is unclear if Kyla is the same child he referred to.

“I am Fred’s wife. We have a child. She is two years old, and her name is Kyla Adhiambo Omondi,” she said.

Despite their relationship, she chose to stay out of the limelight.

She expressed gratitude for the warm reception she received from Omondi’s family.

“I want to thank Fred’s mother because she welcomed me warmly. When I arrived, I thought they might ask who I was, but I am grateful. The sisters and brothers have welcomed me very well,” she added.

The woman traveled to Fred’s home alone, unsure of how she would be received.

“I traveled Sunday night and arrived home Monday morning. I came alone because it was my first time coming here. I was not sure if I would be welcomed or chased away,” she explained.

Fred Omondi was laid to rest at his rural home in Sega, Siaya County, on Saturday, June 29, 2024.

The burial was attended by hundreds of mourners, including politicians and celebrities, who gathered to pay their respects to the late public figure.

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