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Huddah Monroe Gives Lame Excuses Why She Keeps On Skipping Anti-Finance Bill demos 

Huddah Monroe has never joined protesters to demonstrate, unlike many celebrities who took to the streets to protest against the Finance Bill.

Several celebs have been hitting the streets to protest since the anti-Finance bill demos kicked off on June 18, 2024.

For Huddah, she has been criticizing Millennial protesters and giving lame excuses as to why she couldn’t make it to the street protests

“It’s sooo fuckin COLD! Proud of all those who went out today despite weather and heavy military and police presence. Our fight was not in vain. RIP to all who died. May God be with their families,” Huddah wrote ahead of Thursday June 27, 2024, protests.


“I was sooo psyched for today to march but received a sad message that one of our family members was admitted in hospital. Still here. What makes me sad is that this is something they did to themselves,” she added.


Huddah went on to commend Gen Z for their role in the protests while at the same time slammed Millennials.

In a series of post on Instagram, Huddah lauded the younger generation for their activism and determination while criticizing Millennials.

Huddah described millennials as keyboard warriors who only talk much with no action noting that if it wasn’t for the Gen Zs, the anti-tax protests would have not happened.

“Gen Z made the riots possible. Don’t let that spirit ever die!. If it was for twitter old millennials nothing would’ve happened. The fools have always been keyboard warriors! They tweet and talk too much but never achieved anything,” Huddah stated.


“Millennials are the most selfish human beings you can ever meet. The world is the way it is coz of millennials and their parents. They only care about themselves that’s why the world is the way it is today. Gen Z are one!


“Give Gen Z their flowers, they were relentless and fearless until Millennials took over and sabotaged the whole movement coz they have always lived in FEAR! They have no hope for a better future like Gen Z,” she added.


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