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Huddah Monroe Criticizes Disorganized Anti-Government Protests 

On Tuesday, July 2, 2024, the nationwide anti-government protests spiraled into chaos, drawing the ire of socialite Huddah Monroe.

The demonstrations, which quickly turned into scenes reminiscent of a bad action movie, were marred by violence and vandalism, prompting Huddah to take to Instagram with some sharp words.

In a series of Instagram posts on the same day, Huddah expressed her disappointment with the lack of direction in the protests.

She pointed out that unlike previous demonstrations, the recent ones were aimless and uncoordinated.

“Can we choose one movement and stick to it until accomplished? Movements without direction lead nowhere! It’s pure exhaustion. Let’s choose one, aim at it, and go to the next,” she wrote.

Huddah stressed the need for a clear and focused strategy, particularly addressing the younger generation who have been leading the protests.

“A single plan is important. If it’s #RUTOMUSTGO, that should be the new national anthem. Until done, then move to others,” she emphasized, calling for consistent and unified messaging.

She also reflected on the effectiveness of past movements like #OccupyParliament, attributing their success to well-defined goals and strong coordination.

“Last time it was occupy Parliament; we did that. Now we need something,” she said, urging protesters to unify their efforts and messages. “All placards should read the same.”

In her concluding remarks, Huddah expressed frustration with the current state of the protests, suggesting that the movement had lost its focus.

She advised that it might be wiser to wait for the 2027 General Elections for Kenyans to make their voices heard.

“This movement has lost the plot; we wait for 2027,” she concluded.

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