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“Happy 18th Birthday” Kate Actress Asks Her Son To Be Responsible Man As He Celebrates Milestone

Actress and influencer Catherine Kamau, affectionately known as Kate Actress, recently celebrated a heartwarming milestone in her family.

Her firstborn, Leon Kamau, has turned 18, and Kate shared her overwhelming joy and gratitude with her Instagram followers.

Taking to social media on July 3, 2024, Kate Actress poured out her emotions, reflecting on her journey of motherhood, which began when she was just 19 and a student at Kampala International University in Uganda.

“I am extremely emotional today. Happy 18th my big baby,” Kate wrote, sharing her pride and love for her son.

She also acknowledged the challenges faced by mothers, especially given the current social climate marked by police brutality and injustices against young black men.

In her heartfelt message, Kate Actress prayed for Leon to grow into a man of strong character, emphasizing the importance of honesty, kindness, generosity, and resilience.

“May he be trustworthy and ready to take responsibility for his decisions,” she added, hoping for a bright future for her son.

Kate’s touching tribute to her son highlights the deep bond they share and her hopes for his future, resonating with many of her followers and fans.

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