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“Hamna Akili Nyinyi” Karen Nyamu Gets Her WhatsApp Back After Hurling Insults To Kenyans

Senator Karen Nyamu has successfully regained access to her WhatsApp account after it was abruptly banned.

In a spirited post on her Instagram Stories, Nyamu shared her relief and urged Kenyans to continue sending monetary support.

“My WhatsApp is back, hehe! My enemies will never win! I’m God’s stubborn last born 😂😂😝. Keep those Mpesa contributions coming, starting from 5 bob and up 😃😃,” Nyamu humorously wrote, highlighting her defiance and resilience.


The suspension of her WhatsApp account followed a flood of messages from Kenyans demanding that she oppose the contentious Finance Bill 2024.

The high volume of messages, often accompanied by small cash donations, led to her account being flagged for spam.

Nyamu expressed her annoyance over the situation in her Instagram Stories, condemning the incessant messages that resulted in the suspension.

“Even though you’ve been sending me 1kshs and 5kshs, see what bombarding me on WhatsApp has caused. You’ve succeeded, now I can’t chat. Are you happy?” she wrote, addressing the people responsible for the spam.

Earlier, Karen Nyamu had insulted Kenyans who got her WhatsApp account banned.


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