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Former Power Couple Mungai Eve, Director Trevor Trade Jabs Over Their Failed Relationship

Former power couple Mungai Eve and Director Trevor are back at it, publicly bickering about their now-ended relationship.

The drama reignited when Mungai Eve posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a shirt emblazoned with the message, “MY EX IS MY BIGGEST FAN.”


Director Trevor responded by hosting a Q&A session on Instagram, where fans eagerly grilled him about the breakup with Mungai Eve after nearly six years together.

Questions centered around why he ended the relationship and why he gave her most of what they built together, including the KOM blog, while he retained the YouTube channel, Facebook account, and a few other minor assets.

“Having a new beginning after a breakup is an important step in healing your emotions, personal growth, gaining clarity, rebuilding confidence, setting boundaries, and even opening up to new opportunities,” Trevor explained.

“This will also help you move on quickly from past pain and focus on your life, ensuring you learn from your past and embrace a positive future.”

Despite their efforts to move on, both Mungai Eve and Director Trevor are struggling to regain their former success.

According to YouTube analysis website SocialBlade, both their channels are now struggling to surpass 1 million views a month. This is a stark contrast to their joint success when they sometimes garnered up to 20 million views a month.

The decline in their viewership highlights how fragile success can be and how changes to a winning formula can lead to a collapse in popularity.

As Mungai Eve and Director Trevor navigate their new paths separately, it remains to be seen if they can reclaim their former glory or if their best days are behind them.

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