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Former Kiss FM Presenter Adelle Onyango Breaks Silence On Her Divorce 

Media personality Adelle Onyango has recently opened up about her divorce from ex-husband Falgun Bhojak, providing a rare glimpse into her healing journey through therapy.

The couple, who tied the knot in an intimate and vibrant ceremony in 2017, have now parted ways.

Adelle’s heartfelt revelation highlights the pivotal role therapy has played during this challenging period.

In a candid press statement, Adelle underscored her strong belief in the benefits of therapy.

“It’s no secret that I’m a big advocate for therapy. In fact, during my divorce, I saw two therapists – that’s how much faith I have in it,” she shared, emphasizing how essential therapy was to her healing.

Adelle’s relationship with therapy began early in her life.

“I first saw a therapist at 19 or 20, thanks to my late mum. After I confided in her about a traumatic sexual experience, she helped me find a therapist,” she recounted.

However, her first experience was far from ideal due to the therapist’s personal biases.

“He let his religious beliefs interfere with the sessions, and from the very first meeting, I knew it wasn’t the right fit,” she explained.

Fortunately, her second therapist was a perfect match, remaining her counselor for the next ten years.

Adelle emphasized the importance of finding the right therapist, noting, “Therapists are human too, with their own biases and styles, and some specialize in specific areas.”

Adelle Onyango wedding

Reflecting on her divorce, Adelle revealed that therapy compelled her to address unresolved childhood traumas.

“That’s when I started unpacking my childhood trauma. I hadn’t realized how much I was carrying from my past. My adult behaviors, habits, and toxic cycles were largely influenced by my unprocessed childhood trauma,” she said.

The process was arduous.

“Working through it was tough. I’ve never cried so much in my life. It was a lonely journey, but the most rewarding one,” she admitted.

However, the outcome was transformative.

“Processing my childhood trauma has freed me. I now have the clarity to understand who I truly am without the masks I wore because of the trauma. Life feels more manageable, my self-confidence has soared, and my boundaries are stronger and healthier.”

In her quest to help others, Adelle is inviting friends and followers to join her in group therapy sessions focused on healing childhood trauma.

The first session is set for June 29, 2024, at 10:30 AM at Kanga Studio, led by resident counselor Faith. The inaugural session will address “Mother Wounds.”

“Not everyone has a healthy relationship with their mother. Some people lack nurturing and emotional connections with their mothers, leading to mother wounds. These wounds can be passed down through generations, affecting parenting, intimate relationships, and self-perception. It’s time to heal from this,” Adelle explained.

These sessions aim to provide a supportive and intimate environment for healing, with tickets priced at Ksh2000.

“I’m excited to support you on your healing journey!” Adelle concluded.

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