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Fena Gitu’s Reaction After Being Questioned About Michelle Ntalami  Being Born Again

Fena Gitu and Michelle Ntalami share a close relationship, and even early last year, they were rumoured to be dating.

This is after they proceeded for a vacation in Madagascar, and they didn’t shy away from parading their lovely moments on social media.

Their relationship rumours surfaced months after Ntalami parted ways with Chris Muriithi ‘Makena’.

Setting the record straight on her relationship with Fena, Ntalami said that she they were just friends.

“I’d like to set the record straight once and for all, on a false narrative that I ‘deny’ my partners, ‘private but not a secret’ is my policy. If I’m comfortable to speak on my dating life, I’ll answer with the truth; yes, no, or the much I can share,” she clarified.

In August last year, the Marini Natural CEO had an encounter that turned around her life and she is now a born again Christian, something she announced a few days ago.

“One night in total surrender, I cried out to God questioning His existence. In an instant I felt the most overpowering rush of love and light engulf me! A thunderous, beautiful voice called my name “Michelle” 3 times. He blinded me and threw me to the floor.

“In that moment, knew I was in the presence of the Lord! Then God said; ‘Yes I am real. Yes I have seen your pain and I have been there through it all. Yes, I AM’ Then, for about an hour, God showed me visions, and spoke to me about so many things in my life,” Ntalami opened up.

In a recent interview, Fena Gitu was questioned about that and she reacted saying, ” We are not talking about my friends. My friends are out of bounds.”

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