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Eric Omondi Announces His Next Move After Fuel Prices Were Increased

“I am Officially Starting the “WOIYEEE TOUR!”

Comedian Eric Omondi has announced his next cause of action after fuel prices were hiked.

On Friday, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA)  announced new fuel prices as the 16% VAT becomes effective.

In the revised prices petrol was increased by Kshs13.49 per liter, Diesel  BY kSHS12.39 per liter and Kerosene by 11.96 per liter.

Following EPRA’s move, Eric Omondi, who left the country to perform in Tanzania, has said that he has officially launched his initiative of raising money in cities across the world.

According to him, he raised Kshs140, 000 from Dodoma, Tanzania.

“Kenya nimeskia Petroli imepanda. Mimi Jana pale Dodoma niliendelea kuchanga Hela ya Kuwasaidia Wakenya Wenzangu. Collected around Ksh 140,000. I am Officially Starting the “WOIYEEE TOUR!” I will be going around the World Begging for Money from Every City,” the comedian said.


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Mid this month, the comedian went to London and took the streets to beg for money from well wishers.

Eric Omondi raised Kshs300,000 which he said will be used to buy flour for struggling Kenyans and laptops for upcoming content creators.

‚ÄúWakiomba tunaomba‚ĶWhile in the UK I took sometime to Raise some money in the Streets of London to come and support fellow Kenyans juu sasa nikubaya. I managed to Raise Ksh 340,000 which I will use to buy Unga for a few Kenyans and Laptops for upcoming Content Creators,‚ÄĚ he said.



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