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Edday Keeps Samidoh To Herself As Karen Nyamu Is Busy Fighting Kenyans Over Her Support For Finance Bill

As the debate over the controversial Finance Bill 2024 intensifies, the personal lives of Kenyan celebrities have become entangled with political stances.

Edday Nderitu and her husband, popular musician Samidoh, are enjoying a romantic getaway in the United States, contrasting sharply with the ongoing drama surrounding Karen Nyamu’s vocal support for the bill.

In a social media post on Friday night, June 21, 2024, Edday shared a heartfelt photo of herself embracing Samidoh, inviting fans to share their thoughts and clearly stating her opposition to the bill.

“Caption this! #nothingbutprayers #powerofprayers #answeredprayers #faithoverfear #rejectfinancebill2024,” she wrote, sparking a flurry of reactions.


The post quickly went viral, with anti-Finance Bill supporters using it as an opportunity to mock Karen Nyamu, who has been clashing with a section of Kenyans over her support for the bill.

Some speculated that Samidoh’s renewed closeness with his wife Edday was a form of retribution against Nyamu.

“Finance bill 💵 effect,” commented Deejay Covenant Kenya on Edday’s post, to which she responded with a series of laughing emojis.

Another user, Martha Mwihaki Hinga, humorously suggested, “Gademit. Revolution everywhere. This is Samidoh’s punishment to Karen Nyamu for supporting the Finance Bill. We are winning guys!” Edday responded with laughter, further fueling the social media frenzy.

The contrasting stances between Edday and Nyamu highlight the bill’s divisive nature.

While Nyamu, who is also Samidoh’s baby mama, staunchly supports the bill, Edday’s rejection resonates with many Kenyans who are opposed to the proposed financial measures.

As the Finance Bill 2024 continues to polarize opinion, the intertwined lives of these public figures add a layer of intrigue and personal drama to the national debate.

Samidoh and Edday’s public display of affection in the US serves as a stark contrast to the heated political climate back home, illustrating the multifaceted impact of the bill on both public and private spheres.

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