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DJ Fatxo Opens Up About Mental Strain After Jeff Mwathi’s Death

Popular Mugithi singer Lawrence Njuguna, known by his stage name DJ Fatxo, recently addressed the psychological impact of being linked to the death of Jeff Mwathi early last year.

In a candid interview on Obinna TV, the 28-year-old artist expressed his gratitude to God for helping him avoid depression during this challenging period.

Despite the adversity, DJ Fatxo shared that he faced a significant amount of hate from social media users after news of Mwathi’s death spread.

This reaction was something he was not prepared for, as he had been a beloved artist with no prior scandals.

“I thank God I did not succumb to depression. I swear to God, if I had fallen into depression, I don’t think I would have ever recovered,” Fatxo said.

He continued, “The only thing that was troubling was the mental strain. When I started gaining popularity in music, I can say I was a beloved artist; I never saw any insults directed at me. I had never been involved in any scandal. I had never been arrested, never been handcuffed.”

Reflecting on his upbringing, Fatxo mentioned that his background and the challenges his family faced did not permit him to engage in negative behaviors.

“We were used to working hard and being diligent. I have always been a good person, and I know that,” he emphasized.

The wave of insults and public outcry against him was a shock.

“I was very shocked to see insults on my page, and I wondered why. That was the hardest thing to deal with. People were really after my blood,” he recalled.

Fatxo even likened the protests against him to the recent demonstrations against the Finance Bill, noting that many had called for his arrest.

Distancing himself from any wrongdoing in Mwathi’s death, Fatxo emphasized that he is not a person of influence who could evade justice.

He pointed out that investigation officers found no evidence implicating him, which is why he was never arrested.

He also clarified that no one was charged in connection with the mysterious death of Jeff Mwathi.

“The prosecution did not see a reason to open a case as no one was involved in the incident, as alleged by many,” he explained.

DJ Fatxo’s revelations shed light on the mental and emotional toll public scrutiny can take, especially when one is falsely accused.

His resilience and faith have helped him navigate these turbulent times, emerging stronger and more determined to continue his music career.

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