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Diana Marua Recalls How Bahati Kicked Her Out with Their Newborn Daughter

Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, have opened up about the rocky periods in their marriage during an episode of their new reality show, The Bahati Empire.

The episode, brimming with raw emotion and shocking revelations, has left fans reeling.

Bahati, known for his soulful hits, reflected on the joyous milestones in his marriage, particularly praising Diana’s embrace of Christianity and the moment she told him she was pregnant with their first child.

The couple, who have often faced intense scrutiny and online bullying, found solace in these happy moments.

Bahati recalled how netizens cruelly told Diana to “have her own child” after she posted a picture with Bahati’s firstborn daughter, Mueni, from a previous relationship.

However, the happiness was short-lived. Bahati tearfully recounted his darkest day, accusing Diana of abandoning him to live with an ex-lover merely three months after the birth of their daughter, Heaven.

Believing she had sought refuge at her father’s house, Bahati was stunned to discover Diana had returned to her ex, taking their infant daughter with her.

Diana, visibly distressed, disputed Bahati’s narrative, insisting that she was forcibly kicked out of their home.

She described a harrowing experience of being left homeless and destitute, struggling to find basic necessities for her baby.

“He chased me out with a three-month-old baby,” she tearfully declared.

“I was desperate and I wanted peace. My father gave me no peace and my house had no peace. Whoever welcomed me with open arms, I would go to them and find peace.”

Bahati countered, suggesting that Diana’s move to her ex’s home indicated she had premeditated the departure.

The intense exchange, filled with accusations and denials, reached a boiling point, causing Diana to storm out of their 7th-anniversary celebrations in front of friends and family.

This explosive premiere of The Bahati Empire has ignited a flurry of reactions from fans and followers, who are now keenly watching the next developments in this high-profile relationship drama.

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