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Diana Marua Offers Employees Day Off To Protest Against Finance Bill 2024

Diana Marua has made headlines by allowing her staff to take a day off to participate in protests against the Finance Bill 2024.

She took to Instagram to express her support for the upcoming Tuesday, June 25, 2024 protests.

“Total Shutdown Occupy Parliament” protests. She announced that she and her team would be joining the demonstrations in solidarity with the cause, scheduled for Tuesday, June 25.

“I am giving a working break to all my company employees to go and express their democratic rights tomorrow,” Marua posted to her 1.2 million followers.

Marua passionately called on her friends, family, and fans to unite and join the protests in the Central Business District (CBD). Her call to action underscores her commitment to advocating for social change and supporting the voices of Kenya’s youth.

“The Bahati Family are Calling all Our Friends; Fans and Family Tupatane Town CBD as we #RejecttheFinanceBill2024,” she urged.

Marua recently explained her absence from social media and public events, revealing that she had been unwell. In a heartfelt message to her fans, she apologised and shared that she had been dealing with a severe cold.

“I have not been feeling well the last couple of days. I was coughing, which led to chest pains because of the severe cough. It came with headaches and hot flashes; I am feeling hot and cold. I have not left this bed since Tuesday,” she revealed.

Despite her illness, Marua remains a vocal supporter of the protests, encouraging Kenyans to persist in their demands until the Finance Bill is overturned.

“When we come together, we can reverse the finance bill. Every hashtag counts. Every person on the streets counts. I am hoping I will feel better tomorrow and see how things are going to be. Pray for me, guys; I am hoping I will be better. Let’s continue staying on the streets and reject the finance bill,” she added.

Diana Marua’s active support and participation in the protests have struck a chord with many, emphasizing her influential role in the opposition to the Finance Bill 2024.

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