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Diamond Announces Decision To Replace Rayvanny At Wasafi Records 

Rayvanny on July 12, 2022, officially parted ways with Diamond’s record label Wasafi after six years.

The Bongo singer expressed his gratitude to his former boss and recounted some of his highlights in Wasafi in an emotional tribute video uploaded on his social media.

Diamond has since announced that he will unveil a new artiste in the label to replace Rayvanny in January 2024.

Through the long paragraphs he published on his instastories, Diamond said that he is starting this July to release his music including collabos outside and inside Africa and promised his fans that he will hold the first place on the music charts for all those months until the end of the year.

Then in January next year, he will take a little break and launch his new artiste who will continue from there and fly the flag of WCB Wasafi.

“Januari 2024 nitampisha msanii wangu mpya,” Diamond said.

He added that he will give a chance to other Wasafi artistes as well as foreign artists whom he respects.

Diamond also criticized some stakeholders in the music industry for mocking him for having run out of creativity for good songs.

However, Diamond hit them hard saying that he is coming back with a bang of his kind to go further in the international arena, but he also did not rule out the possibility of involving Bongo artists especially this time when he is going to launch the Wasafi festival.

“Haimanishi eti ndio kupuuza kanisa kufanya ngoma na rafiki zangu tokea Tanzania ama East Africa. Nazo zina umuhimu kwa waswahili wenzangu haswa msimu kama huu wa Wasafi Festival unavyokuja. Hivyo tegemeeni pia kumwagika kwa nyingi tu za kutosha,” Diamond said.

After Rayvanny left Wasafi, Diamond was left with only three artistes – Zuchu, Mbosso and Lavalava while only two are the only ones who are doing well and continue the legacy of the label which is said to be the biggest in this region.


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