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Dennis Okari Shares Character Development He Received After Breaking Up With Betty Kyallo

“Anger and depression consumed me, I contemplated ending my life!” Dennis Okari reveals.

Renowned media personality Dennis Okari took the stage at the Daughters of Zion (DOZ) gathering held at the Jubilee Christian Church (JCC).

In his heartfelt speech, Okari delved into the well-documented divorce from his ex-wife Betty Kyallo, shedding light on the emotional toll, hardships, and personal transformation he experienced throughout that challenging period.

Having been married to Betty Kyallo for a mere six months, Okari openly shared the profound devastation that divorce wrought upon his life, emphasizing the unexpected difficulties that accompany such a life-altering decision.

In his eye-opening address, he acknowledged the prevalent misconceptions surrounding divorce and highlighted the fact that no one enters into a marriage with the intention of opting for divorce.

Betty Kyallo and Dennis OkariBy bravely recounting his own journey, Dennis Okari provided a candid glimpse into the trials he faced, emphasizing the importance of personal growth and resilience in the face of heartbreak.

Divorce is an experience that defies any preparation. Despite what movies may portray, it is far from an effortless decision where you simply walk in and walk out, Okari shares.

Okari No Show As Betty Kyallo Throws Their Daughter A Lavish Birthday Party¬†“No one enters into marriage with the expectation of eventually getting divorced, and I am no exception,” he adds.

“Love encompasses more than just fleeting emotions; it requires a conscious decision. The notion that you can simply fall in love, start a relationship, and get married is a misconception.”

“It involves actively choosing, day after day, the person with whom you will share the next several decades of your life. Sadly, that was not my reality, and it became a profoundly sorrowful experience,” Okari continues.

betty kyalloIt was hell on earth for the former NTV journalist.

“Externally, I had to uphold a resilient front in the public eye. Every outing to a restaurant or even a simple stroll came with the burden of harsh judgments from others. It seemed like everyone had an opinion, presuming that I must have been the one to blame. However, behind closed doors, I found myself engaged in a profound spiritual struggle, as the scriptures directly addressed the issue of divorce. It was during this period that I experienced a profound sense of isolation, with people taking sides and exacerbating the turmoil. Waves of anger and despair engulfed me, to the point where I found myself contemplating the unthinkable‚ÄĒending my own life,” Dennis Okari opens up at DOZ.

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