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Content Creators Njugush, Celestine, Butita Forced to Flee Jahmby Koikai’s Funeral After Being Chased By Mob

In an unexpected turn of events, popular Kenyan content creators Njugush, his wife Celestine, and Butita were forced to leave the burial of beloved media personality Jahmby Koikai in a hurry due to overwhelming attention from a celebrity mob.

The funeral, held on Friday, June 14, 2024, at the Lang’ata Cemetery, was intended to be a solemn affair as friends, family, and fans gathered to bid farewell to Jahmby Koikai.

However, the ceremony took an unforeseen twist when a group of young men began mobbing celebrities in attendance.

Fans, eager to capture a moment with the creators or seeking handouts, swarmed around the trio.

According to a video taken at the event, Njugush and Butita were seen running toward a Range Rover Evoque, with young men in tow.

As soon as they got into the car, the crowd surrounded it, forcing the group to speed off to escape the mob.

A police officer nearby seemed oblivious to the commotion, despite some attendees pointing his attention towards the trio.

The incident underscores the challenges celebrities face in maintaining privacy and safety, even during deeply personal events like funerals.

The overwhelming attention not only disrupted the intended solemnity of the ceremony but also highlighted the need for better security measures to protect public figures in such vulnerable moments.




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