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Kenyans Shed Prime Tears As Bitcoin Company BTCM Disappears With People’s Billions 

Thousands of Kenyans have been scammed by bit mining company BTCM which has gone underground.

BTCM was a digital currency mining machine company that generated virtual digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc which were traded online.

Bitcoins obtained by BTCM miners were sold in international digital exchange centres, traded into US dollars, and then converted into Kenyan shillings.

However, the BTCM that traded in Kenya was a decoy of an original App ya BTCM which operates ONLY in USA, Asia, Europe.

The fake BTCM that operated in Kenya suddenly went underground with the money Kenyans had invested in it.

“This is where our company’s revenue comes from. Kama uli invest Kwa BTCM, I hope unajua kimewaramba. The btcm you’ve been using is a decoy.

“There is an original App ya btcm but operates only in USA, Asia, Europe etc and not here in ‘maombi republic’.

“Kenyans have lost millions. Our gullibility to get rich quick schemes is wanting.

“A few local men are clinging to the hope & reassuring themselves ‘itarudi’.

“A more opportunistic group is promising to ‘withdraw’ the funds from your account at a cost. 😂Yaani, uibiwe na ulipe mwizi tofauti kukuiba,” a tweep tweeted.

Several other Kenyans took to social media to express their frustrations after being scammed.

Others poked fun at those who had been scammed by BTCM.






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