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Betty Kyallo’s Boyfriend Charlie Responds to Age Critics: “I’m 26, Not 21”

Charlie, the boyfriend of 35-year-old media personality Betty Kyallo, has addressed recent criticisms regarding his age.

In a statement on his Instagram page, Charlie clarified that he is 26 years old, not 21 as some detractors have claimed.

Responding to those who labeled him as Betty Kyallo’s “Ben 10,” Charlie expressed his frustration and defended his relationship. “As a sad ex, I can proudly say I am no longer associated with you unhappy people with nothing but hate. Can’t a man find love? I found happiness,” he wrote. “So all of you do the math and watch us do the numbers. 21-year-old Ben 10 is 26.”

The statement followed a lavish celebration of Charlie’s birthday at a popular entertainment center in Nairobi, where the couple reportedly spent over Ksh300,000 on the festivities. Despite the joy shared by the couple, their relationship has been met with criticism from some social media users, who pointed out the significant age difference between them.

However, socialite Vera Sidika came to Betty’s defense, urging netizens to let Betty enjoy her relationship in peace. “Give Betty a break. When she went out with older men, you were all too busy saying shame on her for going out with fathers and married men. Now dating a boy is a problem, eh human!! Let the girl be happy,” Vera wrote.

Betty herself took to Instagram to celebrate Charlie’s birthday, expressing her love and gratitude. “God sent me the right one. You all can be angry,” she posted, thanking Charlie for his love and support.

The couple’s relationship has been a topic of discussion on social media, with many fans praising Betty for finding happiness again after her previous relationships. Nonetheless, some critics remain concerned about the age gap between the two lovers.

In related news, Betty Kyallo has expressed her readiness to remarry, describing her current relationship as “stable.”

As the couple continues to navigate public scrutiny, their supporters hope they can focus on their happiness without the negativity of online critics.

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