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Bahati’s Baby Mama Yvette Obura Decries Lack Of Man To Pay For Her Weight Loss Procedure 

Yvette Obura, the baby mama of celebrated Kenyan singer Kevin Bahati, has made a public revelation about her consideration of cosmetic procedures to aid in her weight loss journey.

The voluptuous social media influencer and businesswoman disclosed that she is contemplating two specific procedures: the Ozempic injection and the lipotropic injection.

The Ozempic injection works by stimulating the pancreas to produce more insulin, thereby reducing blood sugar levels, while the lipotropic injection helps in the removal of excess fat from the liver. Both treatments have been shown to assist in weight loss, providing hope for those struggling with excess weight.

However, Obura’s plans are currently on hold due to financial constraints.

In a candid Instagram story, she lamented, “Out here wondering why I don’t have money or a man to pay for Ozempic or lipo shots 😩😩,” revealing her frustration over the inability to afford the procedures.


This consideration for cosmetic intervention follows Obura’s recent admission about her struggles with weight.

On May 13th, she shared photos on Instagram highlighting her changing body, including a noticeable belly, which marked a significant change from her previously flat tummy.

In her post, Obura explained that intermittent fasting, a method she had successfully used for weight loss in the past, was no longer effective for her.

“Weight joined the group 🤧🤧. Since intermittent fasting chose not to work for me anymore 😫,” she wrote, expressing her disappointment.


Obura’s openness about her weight struggles and consideration of cosmetic procedures reflects a broader trend of individuals seeking medical assistance to achieve their desired body goals.

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