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Bahati Left Reeling After Receiving Reports That His Mother Is Still Alive

Kevin ‘Bahati’ Kioko has been left in a state of utter bewilderment after receiving a shocking direct message from a woman claiming his mother is still alive.

The message, sent by a woman named Mildred, who introduced herself as Bahati’s stepsister, has left the artiste torn between disbelief and hope, unsure whether to cry or laugh.

Bahati took to social media to share his shock and confusion, posting: “Sijui Nilie ama Nicheke… SĂł apparently SĂłmeone has Sent Me a DM saying that My Mum is Alive!”

In her message, Mildred claimed that Bahati’s biological mother is alive and often becomes emotional when she sees him on TV.

She provided contact information, urging Bahati to reach out and hear the full story from his mother.

Bahati has consistently shared that both his parents are deceased, with his mother passing away when he was very young.

In a previous interview with his wife, Diana Marua, he recounted the profound impact of losing his mother.

“My mum and dad lived in Huruma. I have seen the good and bad times of Mathare. I remember I was six years old when I lost my mum. I was going to class one…it was on Christmas day. I think losing a mum changes everything. She was my only source of hope and the other alternative was to be left upcountry after her burial,” he said.

Bahati’s mother’s death occurred when he was just six years old, and it significantly altered the course of his life. He tearfully shared how he fought to stay in Nairobi after his mother’s burial, clinging to the city in hopes of a better future.

“My mum passed on in the house…it is sad that Mathare is still struggling in terms of health facilities. I remember ndio hata atolewe kwa hiyo nyumba…let me tell you something it was on Christmas…she passed on kama midday akakaa kwa nyumba for a few hours ndio akafungwa na blanketi…tukakomboa taxi apelekwe mortuary,” Bahati recounted.

As the news continues to spread like wildfire, fans are left wondering what could be the truth behind Mildred’s claim.

Will Bahati take the chance to reconnect with his mother? Only time will tell!

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