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Bahati Cautions KRG Against Touching Diana Marua ‘Indecently’ After The Controversial Party

KRG The Don sparked uproar after he was spotted touching Diana Marua all over while partying together.

Netizens keenly observed the interactions between KRG and Diana, some claiming that their behavior was more than just friendly and bordered on flirting.

The video which emerged in July sparked a wave of comments and opinions, with some expressing disappointment and perceiving a lack of boundaries.

The notion that KRG and Diana were seemingly and allegedly flirting prompted criticism from netizens who felt it was disrespectful and questioned the dynamics of their friendship.

Some comments suggested that KRG’s behavior demonstrated a lack of respect for Bahati, as he was seen whispering in Diana’s ear throughout the night.

Netizens urged Bahati to be cautious and expressed concern that his friend did not seem to respect their relationship.

About two months after the incident, Bahati has now come out to warn KRG about touching other people’s wives and girlfriends.

In a post on social media, Bahati demonstrated to KRG how space should be adhered to while posing with people’s wives and girlfriends.

“Someone tell KRG that’s Where to Place your hands while taking photos with Someone’s Girlfriend / Wife 😂😉😃 Thanks to this amazing Couple @mcjimmiekajim and @wambui_kajim for Starring on my New Song #HUYU 🌷❤️😊,” Bahati wrote.


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