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Ata Sijaskia Vibaya! Nicah Reacts To Ex-Husband Dr. Ofweneke’s On-Air Introduction of His New Wife

Gospel artist Nicah the Queen has responded to her ex-husband Dr. Ofweneke’s public introduction of his new wife, Maryanne Baraza, during a live broadcast.

This notable event marked Maryanne’s debut on Ofweneke’s reality show, ‘Hello Mr. Right,’ which aired on July 7, 2024.

During the episode, Dr. Ofweneke introduced Maryanne Baraza with pride.

“Tonight’s celebrity guest is an emerging YouTuber, a financial analyst, and a real estate expert. Let’s welcome Maryanne Baraza, making her first appearance on the show. I am pleased to introduce you to Mrs. Ofweneke,” he declared.

A few days after the show and Maryanne’s subsequent advice to single women, Nicah the Queen took to social media to express her thoughts.

She playfully commented on the public’s past perception of her after her split from Ofweneke, pointing out that many blamed her for the breakup.

With Ofweneke now in his third marriage, she found the situation ironic.

“People said I was the problem! Now my ex-husband is in his third marriage. So what was the issue with the second one? He was the love of his life, right? Ofwenekee!” Nicah wrote.

Dr. Ofweneke’s current contentment contrasts sharply with his previous relationships.

He and Nicah the Queen ended their marriage in 2016.

Ofweneke has mentioned that their separation was mutual and happened peacefully at home, feeling divinely guided that Nicah was not his destined partner

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