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“Akothee Is Our sister, We must Protect Her From Animals From Outside” Andrew Kibe Changes Tune

Andrew Kibe offered Akothee shoulder to lean on after she revealed why she left Omosh.

Speaking on his podcast, Kibe stated the pain that Akothee endured after breaking up with Omosh.

“Akothee was played. Akothee the player was played by mzungu Kevo. Pakistani aliokota Akothee. aliokotwo mpaka akapata hypertension,” Andrew Kibe said.

The controversial US-based blogger additionally said that Kenyans should be protect Akothee from being exploited by foreignors.

Kibe further advised Akothee to date locally and steer clear of foreigners who can run away when things go south.

“Now she is doing a live, to tell us what happened. Akothee is our sister. We must protect her from animals from outside. In Africa, we only eat our own. You don’t allow other people to eat them,” remarked Kibe.

Akothee recently revealed the reasons behind her decision to end her marriage with Denis Schweizer, popularly known as ‘Omosh’ or ‘Omondi’.

He revealed that she broke up with Omondi in June, just two months after their colourful wedding that was held on April 10, 2023.

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