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Akothee: I Occasionally Stir Up Drama To Capture Nelly Oaks’ Attention 

Kenyan music sensation Akothee has penned a touching birthday tribute to her manager and romantic partner, Hezekiah Nelson Oyugi, affectionately known as Nelly Oaks.

The singer took to Instagram to express her deep affection and gratitude for the man who plays a pivotal role in both her personal life and flourishing career.

In her emotional post, Akothee extended heartfelt thanks to Nelly’s parents for bringing such a “precious gem” into the world.

She lauded their enduring relationship, marked by its fair share of ups and downs, as a testament to their resilience and unwavering bond.

“Words cannot capture the depth of my appreciation and love for you,” Akothee wrote. She candidly spoke about their occasional disagreements, revealing that despite moments of tension where she threatens to leave, their love always triumphs, and they emerge stronger.

The mother of five admitted to occasionally stirring up drama to capture Nelly’s attention. Yet, she underscored his unwavering role as her best friend, rock, and guiding light. “You are the only one for me,” she affirmed, noting his importance not just to her but to all Kenyans.

Akothee highlighted the battles Nelly has fought for her, the sacrifices he’s made, and the challenges they’ve surmounted together, all of which have fortified their relationship. “I smile all the way to the bank with Brand Akothee because of you,” she remarked, revealing that Nelly is the first person she calls to share any professional triumphs.

The 43-year-old star concluded her heartfelt message with a declaration of her profound love for Nelly, appreciating his acceptance of her flaws and his pure-hearted love. “I love you so much, Dr. Hezekiah Nelson Oyugi. Happy birthday, my love!” she wrote.

The couple’s relationship has been a rollercoaster, marked by breakups and reconciliations. Akothee’s candid post is a testament to their enduring love and commitment, showcasing a bond that has weathered many storms.

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