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Age Discrimination! Pastor Ng’ang’a Blames Gen Zs For Locking Him Out Of Street Protests 

James Ng’ang’a, the charismatic founder of the Neno Evangelism Center, who often refers to himself as ‘Commander,’ has clarified why he did not participate in the recent street protest, despite his earlier promise to join.

Addressing his congregation during a church service, Pastor Ng’ang’a explained that he was discouraged from attending by younger protesters who suggested he was too old to join their ranks.

“When I went to a protest, the young people said it was a G protest. They asked how many Z’s am I? They said that you are an old man, I don’t know which G is here… I was told that I am not G N,” Pastor Ng’ang’a said, somewhat struggling to articulate his point.

What he meant was that the younger protesters, identifying as Gen Z, felt he did not belong due to his age. Consequently, Pastor Ng’ang’a decided to abstain from participating in the protest.

Previously, Pastor Ng’ang’a had assured his followers and the public that he would join the protest, even challenging the authorities with his bold declaration:

“Even I will be there for that protest, now come and hit me with teargas. I can speak as a citizen, I will leave the pastor here, let you see me.”

The pastor also expressed his frustrations with the Kenya Kwanza government, accusing it of targeting his land unfairly.

He has been vocal about his disagreements with the administration, criticizing its treatment of citizens.

Pastor Ng’ang’a’s absence from the protest, initially perceived as a withdrawal, was later clarified to be a result of the younger generation’s insistence on keeping the demonstration a Gen Z affair.

Despite the misunderstanding, his support for the cause remains evident through his public statements and sermons.

The pastor’s experience underscores the generational dynamics at play in current protests, reflecting broader themes of age and representation in social movements.

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